LAMPYRIS 101 Technical Info

System requirements:

* Windows 32-bit operating system (95, 98, 98 Second Edition, Millennium, NT4, 2000, XP)
* Screen resolution: 800x600, 16-bit / 65536 color depth (high-color), small fonts
* Around 30 megabytes of free disk space (recommended, but the installation may require less space in some cases)
* 16 megabytes of RAM (minimum)
* CD-ROM drive (not necessary for the trial version)

The trial version will stop working after a few weeks; you can convert it to a fully licensed version by buying a serial number activation code (you will also receive the CD with the digital images library). See the Program Description page for more information. You may also have a look at the "ReadMe" file which comes with the full version.

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