LAMPYRIS 101 Photo Gallery 1
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Allergic contact dermatitis (85,882 bytes) Alopecia mucinosa (213,006 bytes) Arthropod bite (73,001 bytes) Benign Cephalic histiocytosis (103,326 bytes)
Bovine collagen injection (135,281 bytes) Bullous pemphigoid (136,654 bytes) CD79 A in scleroderma (67,690 bytes) Chancroid (64,776 bytes)
Churg Strauss (118,779 bytes) Churg Strauss vasculitis (104,349 bytes) Darier disease (119,725 bytes) Dermatitis herpetiformis-Linear IgA dermatosis (118,146 bytes)
Discoid lupus erythematosus (85,165 bytes) Epidermolysis bullosa acquired (78,565 bytes) Erythema elevatum diutinum (121,528 bytes) Folliculitis decalvans (139,025 bytes)
Foreign body reaction (69,414 bytes) Fungal deep infection (117,607 bytes) Gianotti disease (121,185 bytes) Gout (107,367 bytes)
Hailey-Hailey disease (137,913 bytes) Langerhans cell histiocytosis (93,484 bytes) Leishmaniasis (107,508 bytes) Leprosy (72,734 bytes)

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