System requirements:

* Windows 32-bit operating system (95, 98, 98 Second Edition, Millennium, NT4, 2000, XP)
* Screen resolution: 800x600, 16-bit / 65536 color depth (high-color), small fonts
* Around 30 megabytes of free disk space (recommended, but the installation may require less space in some cases)
* 16 megabytes of RAM (minimum)
* CD-ROM drive

If an Extended-MIME compliant e-mail software (most of the recent ones fall in this category, e.g. Microsoft Outlook) is installed on your PC, you will have access to additional functionalities for distributing cases directly from the Lampyris 101ARCHIVIO program through your e-mail system; however, the case files can be always sent via e-mail as attachments.

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