Welcome to the LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO home page!!

The new project of the LAMPYRIS 101 Team: LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO
Read a description of the LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO program, a new idea originated from the first project of the Team: LAMPYRIS 101.
Technical Info
Technical details and requirements for running the program
How To Buy
Details for purchasing the program, or for buying (for just 10 Euro or 10 US Dollars!) a CD-ROM with the Limited Edition read-only version of the software including 22 clinical-histological cases with over 800 digital pictures

Contact us for info, questions, support, suggestions, wishes for future versions of the software, etc.

Lampyris 101 Team - Via Cimarosa n.26 - 20144 - Milan, Italy
Phone +39-02-43912293
or +39-335-6270393
Fax +39-02-43400355

You may also send an e-mail to lampyris@tiscali.it

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