A computer program for collecting cases... and more!


LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO is a software specifically written for the storage and retrieval of large histological and/or clinical collections of cases.

LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO is an easy-to-use program for Windows PC platform, which allows you to:

store your personal case (You may use it to file personal cases and observations from any branch of medical field).
download case reports from the web and store it in your PC.

Each case you have stored by yourself or downloaded will contain:

• The case report
• The discussion
• The main clinical-histopathological features
• The differential diagnosis
• The references
• The digital pictures

The program includes a powerful search engine, using single terms as well as predefined clinical-histological characters, allowing you to instantly find a case report, read all its data including the clinical-pathological features of differential diagnosis, and have a look at the corresponding pictures.

You can split the screen window to compare the case reports of two different diseases, their histopathological characters and their digital pictures.


The program is highly flexible; you may build your own diagnostic archive for any conceivable field of medicine, just by using the existing LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO framework.
It is very easy to create a list of topics and store any single case in the way you like.

In any time you can:

• Modify the features of all the filed diseases.
• Add or delete diseases.
• Add new clinical-pathological criteria and store new digital pictures into your personal database.
Change the position of a disease from a topic to another one.
• Add a new topic.
Send your case report to a colleague via e-mail and receive new ones.

Even for the computer neophyte LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO makes it feasible to start building an archive for neuropathology, hematopathology and many others, in a short time and with minimum effort. It is an ideal tool for Self-Assessment purposes.

You may request for just 10 Euro (or 10 US Dollars) the LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO Limited Edition (read-only) version on CD-ROM, allowing you to view 22 clinical-histological cases with over 800 digital pictures, or else you may order the full version; see the How To Buy page for details).

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