Welcome to the LAMPYRIS TEAM home page!!
Welcome to the LAMPYRIS TEAM home page!!
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LAMPYRIS 101, the first project of the Team, just updated to Version 2
LAMPYRIS 101ARCHIVIO, the second project of the Team

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NEW! Version 2 of LAMPYRIS 101 now available, with 50 new diseases, over 5400 digital images with an enhanced picture viewer, and more! Read the updated Online Manual for further details.

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER - Lampyris 101 version 1 for only 50 Euro

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Contact us for info, questions, support, suggestions, wishes for future versions of our software, etc.

Lampyris 101 Team - Via Cimarosa n.26 - 20144 - Milan, Italy
Phone +39-02-43912293
or +39-335-6270393
Fax +39-02-43400355

You may also send an e-mail to lampyris@tiscali.it